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Point Level Alarm Panel

Point Level Alarm Panel

Alerts to Full, Partially Full and Empty Vessel Levels

The BinMaster Point Level Alarm Panel is designed to alert the user to vessel level conditions via a blinking LED light and an audible alarm, saving time and eliminating the need to manually inspect vessel levels. Level indicators – such as a diaphragm switch, rotary paddle, tilt switch, capacitance probe or vibrating rod – are placed strategically at desired points in each vessel, enabling the user to be automatically notified when a bin reaches a full, partially full, or empty level. The alarm panel can also be connected to an external horn or common alarm to provide alert status from a variety of locations throughout a facility.

Consolidating information at a convenient centralized location, the Point Level Alarm Panel is available with four to 24 vessel level indicator stations, making it capable of monitoring high and low status for two to 12 separate vessels from a single panel. If desired, an alarm panel may be configured for more than two readings from a single vessel, such as to add a partially full status to be read from additional level indicators placed at other points on a vessel.