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SmartBob2 Remote   View 
The SmartBob2 remote is the core component of a proven, reliable level measurement system using cable-based sensoring technology. When combined with its powerful Windows-based eBob software program and remote push-button control consoles, SmartBob2 offers the strongest and smartest cable-based inventory measurement system on the market today – with the ability to manage from one up to 128 bins of heights up to 180 feet.
SmartBob-TS1   View 
The SmartBob-TS1 sensor is an economical and compact inventory tracking system that has been designed to measure solids, powders, liquids or slurries in smaller bins, tanks and silos. The compact, yet rugged design can be mounted on angled or flat roofs and can be used in vessels up to 40 feet tall. Accessories include a variety of mounting flanges to accommodate from 0° and 40° roof angles, pipe extensions to provide cable protection, a selection of probes suitable for a variety of materials, and a gearbox motor heater for when operating temperatures fall below 32°.
SmartBob MultiBob System   View 
BinMaster’s MultiBob system is an economical solution that measures multiple points by mounting two to 32 SmartBob sensors in a single bin and using eBob software to calculate an average level. The data can indicate cone up or cone down conditions and high and low spots in the bin. It is ideal for large diameter bins and bins that have uneven material topography due to multiple filling and emptying sites or material piling up in the bin. Strapping tables can also be added to the bin parameters in the eBob software to increase accuracy in cone-bottomed or non-linear vessels or to account for material compaction.
BinView® Web-Based Bin Monitoring   View 
BinView is a Web-Based monitoring solution for bins, tanks and silos that enables remote wireless inventory management of stored material. The core components of the solution are SmartBob2 or SmartBob-TS1 sensors mounted on the bins, a wireless or wired data communications network, a gateway to provide connectivity to a personal computer or IP network, and data collection software that can be accessed by any computer that has a connection to the Internet.
eBob Inventory Management Software   View 
eBob Inventory Management Software is designed to help users gather real-time inventory data from storage bins. The eBob program works in conjunction with BinMaster SmartBob2 remote level sensors to provide measurement data to a personal computer. This bin measurement monitoring solution collects data from up to 100 vessels and allows for data to be viewed via LAN network connections by authorized users. eBob software generates reports that can be used to increase operational efficiency and provide valuable real-time and historical data used for effective decision making.
SmartBob Control Console   View 
The SmartBob2 console – C-100 – is the easiest way to remotely initiate and view measurements from multiple SmartBob2 sensors. This compact, manually-operated console provides fast measurement readings from one up to 128 SmartBob remotes at a single location … with the push of a button. The SmartBob console can be used alone or integrated into a network using eBob software. It provides basic, local control and monitoring of a single SmartBob remote or a network of up to 128 SmartBob remotes at a networked site.
SmartBob Analog Expansion Console   View 
The C-50 Analog Expansion Console interfaces with the C-100 SmartBob Control Console to provide multiple 4-20mA outputs, enabling monitoring of multiple bins equipped with SmartBob2 or SmartBob TS-1 sensors from a single C-100 SmartBob Console. The C-50 Analog Expansion Console connects to the C-100 SmartBob Console via a dedicated RS-485 cable. Then, the C-100 SmartBob Console is connected via a daisy chained RS-485 network to monitor from 1 to 120 SmartBob sensors.
Remote Start Unit (RSU)   View 
The RSU serves as a simple interface between a single SmartBob remote and a program logic controller (PLC) or distributed control system (DCS) allowing the PLC or DCS to initiate a measurement and retrieve data. The RSU also provides a remote display and can be used to initiate a manual or timed measurement. The measurement on the screen is displayed in distance to product, height of product, and percent of product in the storage vessel in English or metric units.
SmartBob MUCM   View 
The SmartBob2 Momentum Universal Communication Module (MUCM) enables the operator to tie SmartBob2 remotes into an existing control system is used when performing communication translations between serial protocols. The MUCM has a pre-loaded SmartBob2 application that has been compiled and downloaded into its Flash memory. The standard SmartBob2 MUCM allows a Modbus serial master to gather data from up to 32 BinMaster SmartBob2 remotes. The MUCM is easy to program and eliminates the need for analog input and output cards.
SmartBob Wireless Transceiver   View 
BinMaster's wireless transceiver eliminates the need for running long spans of communication cable between SmartBob remotes mounted high on the top of bins and the control source on the ground... whether it be a PC, an SBC-1000 control console, or a Remote Start Unit. It provides for two-way data communication and enables installations at challenging sites where running extensive cabling is expensive and unfeasible.
SmartBob2 High Temperature Remote   View 
The SmartBob2 high temperature remote is for applications where the process temperature is between 240°F and 500°F. The high temperature model is configured with additional components that when installed properly, will safely operate in temperatures up to 500°F. A stainless steel standpipe is used to extend the remote away from the heat source and a stainless steel pipe extension fitted with a Teflon cable guide keeps the sensor probe out of the standpipe and level with the top of the bin. A standard air purge nipple allows a small amount of air to circulate through the mechanical cavity of the remote, helping it maintain an acceptable operating temperature.
SmartBob2 Pipe Extensions   View 
The pipe extension is an optional feature that is attached to the 3" NPT SmartBob2 mount and should be used to extend the SmartBob seat through standoff pipes, insulation or other obstructions. The pipe extension keeps the sensor probe from being pulled up into the standpipe, acts as a bushing, and prevents the cable from fraying on sharp objects if the sensor probe should swing while taking a measurement. It also helps keep the sensor probe flush with the top of the bin.