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SmartWave Pulse Radar Transmitter   View 
SmartWave is a very accurate, low-noise pulse radar transmitter for distances up to 100 feet. It is designed to allow for the tracking of any material from the tip of the rod antenna to the bottom of the tank, regardless of the tank shape or environmental conditions. It is highly sensitive and reliable over time; any build up on the rod antenna does not deteriorate the performance of the radar probe. Its unique radar design eliminates problems when a target is close to the antenna, while also providing for optimal performance and accurate measurements.
SmartSonic / SmartWave Display   View 
This display module can be used with either SmartSonics or SmartWave transmitters for remote indication of bin levels. The display unit houses up to five display modules in a NEMA-4X enclosure enabling the convenient reading of up to five bins at a single location. Display module options include either a versatile modular bar graph display with option dual set points and relay outputs or a 51-segment bar graph with a four-digit LED display with standard relay and analog outputs